We Go Too is an IOS app which provides a social layer on top of maps functionality, allowing users to create routes, search for existing routes around the world and invite friends to join them on those routes with a real time gps and chat connection.


General Features

IOS Client


MySql relational database

Map Features

Draw or record a route

Post the route to our database

Search for a route by keyword

Social Features

Create an event to share a route with other users

Invite users to join a private event via email

Manage your upcoming events

Realtime Features

Join your friends in a scheduled event

See invited users GPS locations realtime on your device

Message invited users within the event in realtime


Tech Stack

The Development Team

We are a team of 4 full-stack software engineers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Bohee Park

Alexius Hale-Dubuque

Konstantin Zamaraev

Rebecca Gray